As you all aware of, Wikipedia blackout their English website to protest against SOPA.

Although I’m very much against that law, the blackout can really damage other people work and education.

So for them here is the way to remove the blackout with using nothing but the chrome browser:

1. Go to your desired Wikipedia entry.

2. Right click the mouse on the big black W, and choose inspect element.

3. Press the delete button to remove the blackout div (It’s this one:

<div id="mw-sopaOverlay">...</div>

but you are already on it, so just press delete).

4. Go to the first element of the inspection – the head element – and press the arrow to open it and see all its contained elements.

5. Go to the last head contained element – this one:

<style id="mw-sopa-blackout">...</style>

and press delete button to remove it.

6. Now go to the body element and press the arrow to open it (if it’s not opened yet) and see all its contained elements.

7. Go to the content div element, this one:

<div id="content" style="display:none;">...</div>

double click “display: none;” and press the delete button to delete the style.

And voila, Wikipedia is as it was like no !@$#% SOAP Law was ever conceived! 🙂