Company Automatic Hibernation

In order to cut on electricity costs on this recent Economic Crises, I came up with an idea.

It’s a simple one, but as I see it, it can save a company a lot of money on electrical.

The idea is to develop a cross-company process that will put every employee computer in hibernation at a specific time.

So how will the Automatic Hibernation work?

  1. A daily Hibernation time is set.
  2. 30 minute grace period before hibernation lets the user cancel the hibernation.
  3. If not canceled the computer hibernates.
  4. If the user wants to connect to the computer, a wakeup call is initiated on the computer, and it’s turned on.

Now we’ll see why people do not turn off their computer, and how Automatic Hibernation deals with each one of the problems:

  1. Don’t remember
  • Don’t need to remember, that’s why it’s automatic.
  1. 2. Don’t really care
  • Don’t need to care anymore, the company cares about the electrical bill.
  1. Want to get back to their already opened applications
  • Hibernation lets you get right back to the state where you were before the hibernation.
  1. Want to have the ability to remotely connect from home to their computer
  • In order to remotely connect to a shut down / hibernated computer we need to do 2 things:

1)      Make sure that each network card on an employee PC has what’s called wake up capability.

2)      Add a wake up feature to the company remote access.

What is needed for the Automatic Hibernation to be applied on the employees’ computer?

  1. Develop Automatic Hibernation.
  2. Enable wake up capability on all network cards (replace the ones that don’t have if needed).
  3. Add a wake up feature to the company remote access
  4. Reserve in each computer HDD enough space for the hibernation (RAM memory size will suffice).
  5. Inform all employees about Automatic Hibernation and the hibernation time.
  6. Install in all the computers the Automatic Hibernation process.

And finally what’s the rough cost cut for the company?

1.            E employees/Computers.

2.            C consumption cost per hour.

3.            about 8 hours (12:00PM – 8:00AM) hibernation.

E X C X 8 per day

E X C X 8 * 30 = per month

E X C X 8 * 30 * 12 per year

If we put some values in the variables like E = 5000, C = 0.02 $ then:

5000  X 0.02  X 8  = 800$ per day

5000  X 0.02  X 8 * 30 = 24,000$ per month

5000 X 0.02  X 8 * 30 * 12  = 288,000$ per year

We of course need to decrease from the above number a onetime development and deployment rough cost, so here is an example that is not that farfetched:

  1. 6000$ average developer cost for a month.
  2. 10 team members doing the development and deployment.
  3. 4 months development.
  4. 2 months deployment.
  5. ¼ network cards to be replaced (assumption).
  6. 10$ per network card.

6000$ X (4 +2) X 10 +( E = 5000)/4 X 10 = 372,500$

A cost that will be covered in about a year, and from that point on there will only be a cut on the company electricity costs.

Interesting idea, not?