Facebook just released Facebook Poke in the App Store, where You can send pokes, messages, photos and videos, to friends.
The nice feature is that when you send messages, photos and videos, you can choose how long they’ll be available for your friends to view up to 10 seconds. After that, they disappear from the app.

If you do take a screenshot, your friend will see304363929683337_1446266656 next to your name letting them know you took it! Like a little snitcher 🙂


In order to not “get caught” what you need to do when you got your friend poke, message, photo or video:

  1. Press the home button
  2. open settings app
  3. enable “Flight Mode”
  4. Press the home button again
  5. Open again Facebook Poke
  6. Press your friend message to see it.
  7. Quickly screenshot the message (Home and Sleep buttons at the same time).
  8. Press the home button
  9. Press the home button twice and kill Facebook Poke

And voila! Your friend poke, message, photo or video screenshot is in your device, and your friend would not get the infamous 304363929683337_1446266656! 🙂

Try it for yourself!