Legion S03E04 is the closest thing to Twin Peaks you’ll see on tv

“You think, as a filmmaker, you know what you’re doing, and then you watch an hour of Lynch’s work and you think: “I have no idea.”

This was said by no less than Fargo’s creator, Noah Hawley, two years ago.

Among other things, Hawley is also the creator of Legion, and friends this week’s episode (episode 4, third and last season) is the closest thing to David Lynch, and even more to the well-known episode 8 of Twin Peaks 2017, which you can see on the small or big screen.

I recommend all Twin Peaks and Lynch’s fans, to watch Legion, if you haven’t done this already, a work that is really a homage and an appreciation for David (not Haller) Lynch by another esteemed creator, Noah Hawley.