Game of Thrones Finale Prediction

This is the hat eating prediction for the remaining two episodes of Game of Thrones.

Let’s examine what we saw so far, and from that we will deduce what will happen in the two remaining episodes.

For a while we have been shown that Daenerys is going crazy, slowly becoming the Mad Queen, like her father the Mad King.
This was especially evident in the last episode when she wanted to burn the people in King’s landing and march with her battered and tired army against the advice of everyone around her who urged her to wait and lay siege.

Finally she seemed to agree to give an ultimatum to Cersei before she burns everyone there . As we all saw, not only did the ultimatum not bear fruit, but the strategic Cersei killed Daenerys and grey worm beloved Missandei.
This would lead quite surely, as Cersei wanted, to the merciless attack of Daenerys on King’s landing without waiting for Jon, for the murder of innocent people, when all she sees before her eyes are blood and fire.
This would play into the hands of Cersei, who without Jon’s lead would simply destroy Daenerys army, and probably her last dragon.
Toward the end of the battle, Jon will probably arrive, and what his sisters told him in the last episode will be clear to him as well – Daenerys is not fit to be the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms after the murder of innocents she has just committed.
Nevertheless he would join the battle, but even his tired forces would not be enough against Cersei, so salvation would have to come from somewhere else.

So what else did we see that could help us understand where salvation would come from? We saw in the last episode that Arya and the Hound are moving towards King’s landing, without a doubt their goal is to infiltrate it.
The Hound also told Sansa that he had he’s own objective, and we all know what this is – the CleganeBowl – the old fan theory will come to a conclusion when the two brothers of the Clegane family fight and the hound will kill his zombie brother (and be killed because the god of light left him alive for this purpose and he has to return his soul now that his goal is over), thereby opening the door to killing Cersei.

But who would it be? We currently left with two prophecies.
The first is for Arya to shut brown, blue, and green eyes. Since only green eyes are still left to “shut” and Cersei’s eyes are green, she is one of the candidates to kill her.
But we have another prophecy, given to Cersei herself by the Maggy the Frog – that her brother will kill her.
I do not think they will give a “double” to Arya – killing both Cersei and the Night King. While Jamie is the one who stormed towards King’s Landing last episode, leaving Brienne crying, and I bet that he went out not to join Cersei but to be the one who would kill her (and his son in her belly).
After Jaime kills his sister, her army  would collapse and spread to all corners of the wind. And after the smoke of the war disperse, Tyrion, much like Jon, would understand what Varys had told him –  kingdom above all, and Jon is the one who should be the king.
Daenerys who both wins and defeated at the same time, who remains without a dragon and without a strong claim to the crown, without advisers and supporters, will undoubtedly confront Jon for breaking his oath not to tell about his heritage to anyone, and in an act of despair and lack of choice will try to kill him, her former lover.

Remember the remaining prophecy of Arya to shut green eyes? Well, Daenerys’s eyes are green (not like the books where they are violet), and Arya will have to kill her to save her brother.

And so will come to an end two prophecies and one CleganeBowl, and Jon will sit on the Iron Throne, not because he wants to, but because there is no one else who could sit there in his place.

The end.

Games of Thrones S08E03 body count prediction

[Edit: out of the below prediction only Theon and Jorah came true. Wanna know why? Read The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the Battle of Winterfell].

The last episode S08E02 was one of farewells before the big battle, and to all of us I think it’s quite clear that many of the characters we love (or hate) are going to die in the upcoming episode – the battle of Winterfell.
I will try to enumerate those characters and the probability of losing their lives:

Brienne – very likely after being called a knight to become a martyr and die on the battlefield.

Tyrion – there is almost no way he will die because his lost honor must be restored after he has missed out on his assumption on his sister, Cersei. A premonition of his comeback as the wise advisor can be seen in his conversation with Bran to obtain information that will no doubt help to save the day, and in what Mormont says to Daenerys about she trusting him again.

Arya said she is not afraid of death in the last episode, had lost her virginity before the battle, and now has a pretty good chance of dying an heroic death, but we need to remember that she did not complete her killing list, so maybe it would save her from dying just yet.

Jaime – still has the need to confront his sister (and probably kill her according to the prophecy of the Maggy the Frog given to Cersei) So I would give him a low chance of dying.

Jon / Daenerys – the two main characters, almost certain that will live up to the last episode, and the last confrontation between them.

Tormund – it seems to me that he and his Giant tales are a goner, I don’t see any need of him in any arc, and will probably die an heroic but useless death defending Brienne.

The little girl from the soup – she’s a goner. No seriously, why does the Onion Knight need to hand out soup before the battle? Doesn’t he have more important things to do? Polish some sword? Help with the fortifications? something?

So his end is Nigh, I don’t see any future that needs his help, maybe if the Night King can be killed by a bowl of soup to the head, but I doubt that.

who else? Sansa? I do not think she should die in the next episode; she has another role to play probably in times to come.

Sandor the Hound Clegane still needs to meet his brother for a final showdown so there’s no way he’s dying on us here.

Podrick probably sang his last song.

Gray worm I believe will turn to a white worm.

Jorah Mormont wobbles for me, because he might have given his Tyrion deathbed advice to Daenerys.

Samwell Tarly most certainly will not die, as he has much to contribute with all his gathered wisdom, if you count the number of episodes left (3) the end of the Night King will not happen here, so his future is quite assured, especially that he is the incarnation of GRRM, and we do not want to kill him yet (before he completes his series, What’s up with that Martin, don’t do Robert Jordan on us, you hear me?)

Bran, Bran is really hard to guess if he lives or die, because everything falls on his shoulders. If he falls now it’s a completely new roll of a dice for everyone on Westeros with quit certainly a sour outcome in the end. King’s Landing which didn’t appear in the last episode, cannot vanish from the next one also IMO, and my bet on a twist in which the Night King continues to Kings Landing alone, leaving his troops to handle Winterfell. But if I’m wrong and the Night King does fight Bran, the chances of Bran coming out of this alive are pretty low (with a Theon guarding him, which regarding him I’m sure will finish his role in the upcoming battle, maybe even while defending Sansa).

So, let’s summarize?

Dead for sure: Brienne, Tormund, Theon

Almost certain death: The Onion Knight, Podrick

Swinging: Arya, Bran, Jorah, Gray Worm

Low chance of becoming dead: Sansa

Most certainly not gonna die: Jon / Daenerys, Tyrion, Jaime, The Hound

Forgot someone? What’s your prediction?

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