★ The first STEALING app in the world! ★


We all have the urge to steal, have the things we do not own.

THINGIES let you do that!


Capture your everyday things with the camera, put a price on them and turn them into Thingies!


Explore other users’ Thingies and steal them. Make them your own.


But stay alert! Don’t let others steal your Thingies…


So come and share your things in life in a fun way!



★★ Features ★★


– Steal Thingies you like!

– Protect your Thingies from others.

– Capture your everyday things with your camera and put a price on them.

– Share your stuff with the world in a much more fun way, by stealing Thingies and catching others trying to steal them from you.

– Hide for a limited time when you are too scared that someone may try to steal your beloved Thingies.

– Easily explore friends, family and your surroundings on the map, check their stuff and steal Thingies you like.

– Stalk your friends and be notified in the feed screen when they create, steal or give away Thingies.

– Easily find which Facebook friends already joined THINGIES and start stalking them.

– Find the Thingies that were stolen from you in your “Lost” stuff tab and get them back.

– Share your activities on Facebook in an easy and fun way.

– Check on the leaderboard how much your stuff is worth compared to what your friends have.



★★★ Tips ★★★


– Pay close attention to your iPhone/iPad: When you hear the “oh-oh” sound, you’re being robbed! Quickly tap the “Stop!” button

– Create beautiful and desired Thingies from your things in life.


– Each time someone tries to steal a Thingy its value increases


– The more valuable your thingy becomes, the longer it will take a thief to steal it, and he’ll need to pay a higher penalty when you catch him.


– Hide only when you don’t want to be disturbed (like when you go to sleep), because you can only hide up to 9 hours a day.


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