Padan Fain

I want to add my 2 cents to the resemblance of Padan Fain from Wheel Of Time to Gollum and Mr. Smith:

  • Padan Fain resembles much Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, the points of parallel are:
  1. Both were changed to something much evil and possessed by a sinister artifact (the ring / the dagger) which they treasure the most
  2. Both are considered insane.
  3. Both had a name when they were “normal” (Sméagol/Padan) and a name after the possession (Gollum / Ordeith || Jeraal Mordeth).
  4. Both chased the main character and a friend for retrieving the artifact (Gollum chased Frodo and Sam, Padan chased mat and Rand).
  5. Both tried to kill them but failed (Gollum tried to strangle Sam and kill them by luring them to Shelob cave, Padan tried to kill Rand and lure them to a trap in Far Madding).
  6. Both were in the possession by the dark one in its stronghold for retrieving information (Gollum by Sauron in mordor,  Padan by the dark one in Shayol Ghul)
  • Padan somewhat resembles Mr. Smith from The Matrix as both are considered anomalies in the pattern / Matrix, and second villains to the “natural” villains (the Machines / the dark one).
    As I see it both will play a significant role in the final showdown against the supposedly greater evil.

What do you think?